The Problem-Solving Academy is a digital learning site created by Arik Edelman, and born out of his three decades of experience as a technology lecturer in higher education, as CEO of Data Tailor, which develops apps within the Microsoft Office environment to streamline work processes, and as a consultant to numerous financial institutions.

Edelman has been awarded the title of Outstanding Lecturer numerous times during his long career teaching and inspiring generations of technology undergraduates and graduates. 

Through Edelman’s series of courses, participants will acquire the key knowledge and tools to enable them to apply the most effective methods to deal with the changing demands of the modern workplace.

The courses focus on key technologies, including Excel, Python, and SQL. Topics are divided into several levels, to suit a wide range of students. Each level comprises several exercises with solutions, so students can learn to hone their skills through understanding and deconstructing problems to create effective, creative, and high-quality solutions.

In a competitive, evolving, and technologically advanced global marketplace, the ability to master these issues and solve problems are essential skills in the toolkit of any student, employee, and manager. These skills provide individuals with a competitive edge, not only in the world of technology, but also in other areas of their professional and personal lives, where every facet of our increasingly complex environment demands creative, innovative solutions.

“Throughout my work in academia and industry over the past three decades, I found that employees lack the skills to solve problems in an efficient, high-quality, innovative, and creative way in the changing world of work, skills which are not acquired in traditional academic learning,” said Edelman. “I realized that students and employees lack the practical tools for problem solving. That’s why I created these innovative, accessible courses to teach subjects that are directly related to the requirements of the modern workplace and industry,” he added.

Why Us

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." (Albert Einstein)
The purpose of the site is to create a toolbox, usable by employees across fields, and to focus on how to approach problems and solve them in creative, simple, and effective ways. In an evolving and competitive market, this capability gives an employee significant advantage over others.

Google has information on every topic, so what is our contribution?

  • Preparing employees optimally for the labor market.
  • Advanced teaching methods for success in technological courses.
  • Development of a high-level thinking ability.
  • Stimulating curiosity and creativity.
  • Thinking outside the box.
  • Getting out of the comfort zone.

At our Problem-Solving Academy website, we will learn how to understand the problems facing us, break them down into segments, and find proper, effective solutions.

How exactly will we do this?

We will study each topic with a practical approach, relevant to the working world.
The site focuses on technological topics such as Excel, Python, and SQL.
Each topic has multiple study levels at varying degrees of difficulty, including questions and solutions.

Why these technological issues?

Today, as the technological world grows, both the employee and the student must learn how to apply these issues in order to stand out in the job market. These tools are universal and used in many jobs across the world. Proper use of them provides a great benefit.